Professional Coaching Services

I work with busy individuals & teams to develop powerful mindsets which create confidence, energy and balance.
Corporate & Leadership Coaching

Empower your team

I work with leadership and management teams to help you increase engagement, improve effectiveness, and be cohesive so you can navigate change and accelerate growth. Whether working 1-on-1 with senior leaders and managers, leading workshops or running a mental fitness bootcamp, my programs are fully customizable to your company's needs.

Your team members will be better equipped to deal with conflict, manage and influence others, take initiative, take care of themselves, and grow into more powerful leaders.

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Personal Coaching for Busy Professionals

Transform Your Life

Life is BUSY. How do you manage work, kids, relationships and taking care of yourself? How do you stay positive, feel balanced, confident, organized and energized?

If you’ve been feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, anxious, or just plain stressed out… telling yourself that - as soon as the time is right you’ll make that change - fix your marriage, lose the weight, figure out your career, spend more time with your kids - whatever the issue, one-on-one coaching is for you.

Together we’ll figure out what’s working, what’s not, what you really want - and how to finally be your true self, take action, and stick to it.

Kind Words

Thank you for what you do, it has been life-changing for me! I’m a better Dad, Husband and person. This journey is amazing and I’m so grateful for all you do and guide me.
General Manager at Darden
Since taking this [PQ] program I am happier! I notice every day how my old ‘saboteur thinking’ is much quieter now. I face obstacles with a more relaxed mindset, and I’m more at peace.
Professor at UBC Linguistics
Working with Mary has taught me a billion things, but most importantly, it has taught me to put ME first... She always puts her clients first by showing them a way to live a meaningful life.
Co-Founder at Bemoved Media
The PQ program has levelled up my self-awareness in a way I could not have anticipated. This program has been so powerful for me that I am giving it to all of the Department Heads in my organization.
CEO at Reportex Agencies
Mental Fitness Training

Improve Your Headspace

In this 8-week group coaching program, based on Shirzad Chamine’s Stanford lectures & New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence, we will strengthen your mental muscles and root out the patterns or ‘saboteurs’ that cause you stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, guilt, shame & regret. This work is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

Through daily practice and weekly group calls, you’ll upgrade your mental operating system & retrain your brain to perform better while feeling more peace, focus, and calm. You will grow creativity, innovation and big picture thinking. You will be more satisfied, inspired and alive!