There's something about Mary

Hi, I'm Mary.
I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and PQ Certified Coach based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve coached leaders at companies like Google, Logitech, Salesforce, Amazon and Facebook, and have helped thousands of individuals transform their mindset through Mental Fitness training.

But 15 years ago, I was just barely surviving and didn’t know that things could be different…
Feeling lost
I was 'functional' and I even completed my Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Kinesiology. In fact, as a dancer, I travelled across Canada with a magic show. I navigated my way through having accidentally burned down the house I was living in. I felt lost and like a hypocrite. I was a 30-year-old entrepreneur with a personal training business, and my lifestyle was so out of alignment with anything to do with healthy and balanced.

Serendipitously, I met a coach. When I sat down with her, I immediately knew that I wanted her job. But first...I began my trail of becoming confident, self-aware, responsible, optimistic, open and, loving myself. I had to face the mess. I had to discover what I wanted, what was important to me and who did I want to be? I had to face the tough stuff. Still do. And I had to take action.
The process of growing, of letting go and facing the ugly pieces and being brave enough to have hard conversations and make mistakes and get back up, that all still goes on for me.

What's different now is that I believe in myself, AND I have many tools that keep me on track. Fifteen years ago, I would not have imagined I would be here. I face my issues, my frustrations, insecurities, and I lean into my delight, joy and bliss.

Business, parenting, divorce, death, love, friendships, money - life is a ride, and it's so rich.I want this for everyone: An overriding sense of I got this, I'm not perfect, AND I am satisfied, let's GO!
What I know for sure is that whatever your level of confidence, self-care, leadership fails, communication inabilities, pant size, bank account, it is your mind that talks to you all day about it.

When you change the conversation you are having with yourself, you achieve your results.

Transforming your mindset is where you want to invest the most of yourself.

Kind Words

Linguistics Professor and Department Head, Mother of 2
Mary has transformed me completely from my old self. She provides a perfect combination of loving support, creative ideas and strategies, humour, fun, and strictness - plus a little touch of magic.
Data Scientist, Single Father
Mary has helped me realize my potential, realize what I want from life, and helped me recognize that ups and downs are a natural part of being human. She's helped me focus on the steps I need to take to bring things back under control. She is able to crystallize ideas or emotions that are complicated.
VM Ware PMP Certified Senior Program/Project Manager
Mary really changed my life in just six amazing short months.
When you change the conversation you're having with yourself, you get results.